Drive Strong!

*Disclaimer; this is written on my phone so please forgive any stupid mistakes*

Tonight the boys and I are staying at my parents house. It’s an hours drive to get here and was the most challenging hour all day.
First I had to stop and full up the car. Now to most people this isn’t a big deal, but most people don’t have “old fat Kelly” in their head telling them that they need buy that chocolate bar (or four) and that packet of chips to snack on. Come on, it’s only an hour.

While it was hard, I’m proud to say I told “old fat Kelly” were to go. I got a diet Coke and left the crap behind 🙂

This, however, was not the last I’d hear from “old fat Kelly” during the trip. Down the road she’s in my head saying “there’s MacDonalds over there, we could go through the drive thru” or “the boys are asleep just pop into this dairy for a chocolate bar or icecream”.  But I stayed strong. I’m not saying it was easy. I’ll admit that “old fat Kelly” almost won. Almost but not quite.

This demonstrates the seriously warped eating habits I currently have. I mean, come on, who can’t drive for an hour without needing to eat crap? Not someone with healthy eating habits that’s for sure and that’s what I’ve come to realise. My habits are screwed and I need to break them and replace them with new healthy ones. The work book is helping me do this and less than two weeks in I can see progress. Not huge leaps and bounds but baby steps. I’ll take the baby steps, you can’t run before you can walk after all.

“Old fat Kelly” will not win!


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